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MNA2Z OCT 2016


So What Is This Mutual Networking Concept All About

In my 30 plus years of networking and aspiring to become an entrepreneur, there is always someone claiming to have “a secret,” about how to do this or that correctly.  I reply with this; “who told you, why are you the only one left on earth that knows it, and how do I know it’s a secret?”
To be very candid; in its least effective concept of mutual networking, we should at least be willing to share or promote each others website, business, skill-set, or listen for someone in need of a service we know can be done by a newly started business of a baby entrepreneur or networker.  The business world does it and capitalizes on a perpetual basis, and we do all the free advertising for them.  Everyone can’t be at your level that you have attained right now, but not to even attempt to help someone out is a travesty.

At its greatest concept, mutual networking should be about setting up a meeting and not cancelling at the last moment with no legitimate reason behind it.  It should be about sitting down collaborating and strategizing on how we can come together and do the very thing networking is designed to do, gather with a group of like minded individuals who work together to accomplish a like or similar goal with the efforts of everyone.  We should never be encouraged to say, let him struggle the way I had to, or any other derogate associated with that person and their potential demise in business. No matter how we look at it, “a handshake has to take place” in the opportunity driven world.

Mutual networking should be the start of something great, in fact, so great the very idea, once it has a written agreement in place, has been prepared, filed, signed, and notarized, by all parties, should be celebrated, launched and welcomed, as the start of a long affiliation and perhaps partnership between all those involved.  Let us humbly remember where we were at our start up point, what struggles, difficulties, pitfalls, dollars, tears, and the almost had it, when we encountered our first or even several setbacks.

No matter what our entity in this entrepreneurial, and networking world, I am convinced there is certainly enough to go around for everyone.  Perhaps you may say, yeah right, I don’t need to work with anyone, and this may be true for now, but, what happens when you do need someone and the whole circle of networkers they know, don’t speak up to help you when you need it most. Mutual networking A to Z is not and will not ever be about; “me, myself, and I.”

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