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MNA2Z NOV 2016

We all start somewhere

Life in itself can be very difficult at times, from the socioeconomically, all the way to spiritually, In fact, life is a 24 – 7, 365 days a year job for us.Top life off with a desire to be an entrepreneur, a networker, a risk taker, then you have just magnified life tremendously.  We all engage in business, we work for someone who has a system we must use, we follow a system of laws and guidelines, we start life off as babies and grow up to be adults, the decision making process is now in our own hands, we prepare for the consequences and end result.

Yet, somewhere along the way, we are settled in and start looking at everything and everyone around us, never fully realizing, each of us had a very similar starting point, we indeed, all start somewhere.  This somewhere has to do with our business mind, going it alone, becoming an entrepreneur, a networker, a business person.  Where will you and I start, how will it end for us, who can we trust, and what avenue should we pursue?

Starting somewhere is incredible, daunting, scary, costly, and time consuming.The accompanying questions that follow this is what fears follow us or what adrenaline moves us to be driven towards a potential success versus the fear that prohibits us and causes us to freeze.  Starting, is a full pledge challenge, somewhere can be anywhere, and trying to connect the two may be where we need to first draw a connecting line of how do I or we get there.

Networking will always be needed, perhaps we believe that the system in place is all we need, you know, go to school, accumulate a lot of debt in student loans, find a job in our field of study, pay the bills, start the cycle over every Monday morning, and repeat it.We all start somewhere, where we end up makes the difference.

Mutual Networking A to Z Founder – MNA2Z

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