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Greetings to each one of you who have, will, and are sharing this site with others in any capacity of entrepreneurial vision and networking with each other.  My name is Reginald Graham – Teal, I am by the grace and mercy or JESUS, my LORD and SAVIOR, the overseer of Mutual Networking A to Z.  MNA2Z is a result of my faith-based, Bible believing, Christian belief, action and application, trust in GOD, driven organization that I want to share with the just starting, small, experienced, unsuccessful or successful, entrepreneurial, networking, business person, perhaps like you. I am blessed and privileged with the opportunity to present this blog site to the networker, entrepreneur, business, organization or entity that is just getting started, has failed, doubted, in the midst of folding, wondering what is next, who to reach out to and all points in between. This concept and thought was provided to me in a early morning study and prayer session, and with much diligence in penning it, I am obedient in bringing it to life with the help of my very good friend, Mr. Willie Diggins, World Submits, www.worldsubmits.com, and his super team.

I am so thankful to present it in this initial stage to you and others you may know with an interest in mutual networking.  Little did I know, my networking career began as a youth working for myself at age 11, cutting grass, shoveling snow, selling papers, fruits and vegetables in various neighborhoods.  You see, without a customer, product, work ethic, service rendered, and end satisfaction that resulted in fee or payment for services rendered, there is no entrepreneurship or networking completed.  Later in my life, I served my country in multiple locations, with multiple people, and multiple tasks, that required many specific coordination in order for a successful mission outcome.  Perhaps you can agree, (I know I can), that there have been several networking attempts and opportunities that you pursued and did not turn out to be as successful or profitable as your efforts. Nonetheless, I refused to quit, I determined to learn, to evaluate, and choose to find something that I absolutely love to do.

So, I encourage you to count up the cost, always and continuously, to ensure you are moving forward in you desire to become a successful entrepreneur and networker.  You see, there has to be a choice made, a connection made, a handshake made, that is a precursor or necessary foundation for you and I to trust the process of the work of many toward one specific or multiple goal, networking, rather that the work of one trying to do what cannot be done alone.  My background is in the health, wellness, fitness, and speaking industry, I truly believe the LORD placed me on this earth to be a fitness instructor and speaker.  We must have an entity, a thing, a desire, that makes us get up out of our bed with the heart and mind to do this no matter what we see around us.  Entrepreneurship and networking is not and will not be an easy pursuit for the weak in work ethics.  I love what I do and truly believe in my heart that mutual networking is indeed what we should be doing, working toward, and being a part of.  I look forward to this concept and content helping provide you with a foundation for growth and success in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Our mission is to provide sound, reputable, reliable, foundational support, resources, examples, and insight, from other successful business owners, organizations, and entrepreneurs in multiple categories, that may help build and establish a global support mechanism for mutual networking and networkers around the world.

Our vision is to utilize multiple entrepreneurial, networker, testimonials, of leaders, businesses, of approved, legitimate, documented, taxable, organizations, that want to provide examples of mistakes, challenges, pitfalls, connections, applications, blood, sweat, tears, and truth, that will help support, encourage, and assist the smallest to the largest entity in choosing their method of networking that may effectively assist them in their business dreams.

All info listed here is a part of someone else’s work ethics for their business past or present, your future is definitely a pathway that has, is, and will be created by you, the choices, and decisions you make hereafter.  No method, monies, success, are guaranteed by the content listed on this blog site.  It is for reference, resources, and input that may assist the business person, entrepreneur, or networker, in their choices or directions they are looking to follow.

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